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The Bullet Journal: Why it Works so Well

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Systems—they’re all around us. They are even inside us. Without them, life would be in shambles, wouldn’t it? Since humans knew how to write, encoding and decoding systems have gone through many face lifts. Diaries, journals, stone tablets—we’ve all used them, but admit it—you hated the unwritten rule of writing on it daily. What if you knew a system that forgives you for that kind of mistake? Read on to find out about the Bullet Journal® system so that Fabriano dotted notebook of yours will be finally put to good use.


The Bullet Journal®: who, what, and how? 

For starters, the Bullet Journal® is system is one of the acclaimed “analog productivity systems” used by those who are more comfortable with writing on a Fabriano notebook than typing. You can write calendars, to-do lists, grocery lists, and even brainstorming ideas.

How did it start? Like many others, Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer and the founder of Bullet Journal®, was tired of unforgiving traditional journaling systems who seem to take more time and enforce adherence to its rules, with no excuses for mistakes. So when he discovered and developed the Bullet Journal® system, from time to time he engaged others with its practicality and malleability.

The Bullet Journal® is also described by as the “analog system for the digital age”. Why? It’s because many of the users are those who are overwhelmed with all the convoluted availability of digital productivity apps today. The Bullet Journal’s® system is a friendly method they could jot down any minute on their Bullet Journal or their Notedian dotted notebook. So you could say that many people still prefer the straightforwardness and simplicity of writing by hand.

However, for those who still prefer the digital way, the Bullet Journal® also has smartphone apps, the Bullet Journal Companion and the Bullet Journal Library, which you can download on your iPhone. From project managers, makeup gurus to tech employees, busy bees are hooked with the Bullet Journal®.

Why does it work so well?

You can argue that like traditional journaling, you will still take some time in writing in a Bullet Journal. However, you can never argue against the fact that it’s more productive and it’s faster.

The secret behind why the Bullet Journal works is its rapid logging. Traditional journaling takes more time and is more complex. With rapid logging, there’s no need to exert more effort and distract yourself from the tasks that you need to prioritise. With parts that include an Index, Monthly logs, Weekly Logs, and Daily logs, it keeps all your scattered thoughts in a single area.

That’s why it’s also effective as a planner—because who says planner users always need to follow what’s been planned regardless of the changes that randomly arise, right? Compared to a pre-fabricated planner, the Bullet Journal makes organising a breeze.

The Bullet Journal’s flexibility, showing through its blank pages, gives you another freedom and autonomy; while its adaptability, showing through daily tasks, gives way for the spontaneity of life.

Get creative—mix, cut, and match

Lastly, the obvious perk of writing on a Bullet Journal is you can get creative! You can buy a fountain pen friendly notebook and Stabilo art supplies, doodle with a Noodler’s Ink and you’re good to go. No one will judge you because remember, it’s a forgiving system that bends to whatever works for you. Visit us now at

In the Mood for Knitting? Use Alpaca Yarn!

In the Mood for Knitting? Use Alpaca Yarn!

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Wait. Did we mean Llamas? If you’re just a beginner in knitting, you may not have heard of Alpaca yarn yet. The alpaca yarn Australia shops sell these days are celebrated for its lightweight or heavy quality, but soft, silky, and durable fibre.

alpaca yarn australia

The alpaca yarn Australia alpacas produce can be used to manufacture a lot of products from simple to luxurious items. Even giant fashion labels like Armani have used it. It is similar to sheep’s fleece because of its preparing and spinning process, but it’s favoured more than the latter because it is hypoallergenic, water-repellent, and elastic—perfect for knitting.

Bespoke Alpaca Fibre

How do you know if an alpaca fleece is of good quality? If it measures 18-25 micrometres in diameter, then you can label it as a good quality alpaca fleece. Meanwhile, if you really want the finer and expensive type, look for ones that are smaller than the latter. Don’t go for looking for fine fleece from older alpacas though because their fleece gets thicker as they age.

Where can I buy Alpaca yarn?

Many purchasers like buying Alpaca yarn Australia has these days in physical stores where they can choose from a variety of skeins and feel their surface. But when it comes to online shopping for alpaca yarn in Australia, the procedure can be advantageous to the modern knitter.

The primary benefit of online shopping for Australian alpaca yarn is you can instantly scan hundreds of items in just one click. Moreover, if you want to buy alpaca yarn Australia has these days, you can locate a more extensive selection, compare prices with other sellers in a digital marketplace, and figure out the most reasonable cost.

For example, you can sign in on 4 Seasons Yarns website, and browse the top selling products. You can also avail gift certificates.

Meanwhile, if have decided to purchase alpaca yarn Australia online shops sell, it is prudent to identify first what you are searching for. You must first read the descriptions and check the weight to guarantee that the yarn will address your knitting needs.

It is likewise vital to know the right questions to ask vendors. Ask about suggestions of what to incorporate into your agenda. Make sure to match the type and weight of yarn to a knitting project like a sweater or rug-knitting project.

Be quality-cautious

Despite its convenience, knitting aficionados should still be quality-conscious in online shopping for yarns. Since clients who purchase online don’t have the chance to pick and feel the yarn, they depend for the most part on the indicated weight of the yarn. If you’re still a newbie, then you have to comprehend that choosing the wrong weight of yarn can hinder you from accomplishing your project because it will leave significant holes. In addition, watch out for sellers who inconsistently describe their Alpaca yarns.

In the 4 Seasons Yarn website, the Indiecita Yarn made from Peru weighs 50g and spans up to 113m. If you’re buying online, you should read for vital information like that to avoid buying the wrong type of Alpaca yarn.

In addition, look for sellers that indicate what type of yarn fibre they’re selling. For instance, the Indiecita yarn mentioned is made from 100% Baby Alpaca Fibre. In other websites, they specify if their yarns are acrylic, nylon or even plant-based.

To maximise your buying experience, you can study the pros and cons of certain types of yarns for any knitting project. Simply put, be wary of what you purchase online.

Savvy reasons you should get a fountain pen as your gift

Savvy reasons you should get a fountain pen as your gift

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According to Euromonitor International, China is the biggest market globally for fountain pens fuelled by their strong gifting culture. But giving gifts is not unique to the Chinese; everyone can give a gift for different reasons. It could be to say thank you, for birthdays or just for no particular reason other than put a smile on the face of their loved one. The holidays are fast approaching and it’s during such times that many people are on the lookout for the gifts to surprise their loved ones this festive season. Try a fountain pen this time. As simple as it looks, a fountain pen sparks creativity, writing and exploration into new rims of ink and paper. It’s an exciting gift. Read on to find some of the reasons why the best fountain pens make the best gifts.

Something new

Watches, shoes, pictures, these are the gifts that have already been explored and chances are the person you are planning to gift already has one. You could however, never go wrong when you buy fountain pens because unless the person you’re planning to gift is already into fountain pens, there are high chances that they are not in possession of one. It’s a unique gift that will be very useful. Besides, it shows you think they are smart and that they will have use for it. Find some of the best fountain pens at Notedian

You can tailor your gift

There are a myriad of high quality fountain pen options in the market today. In a way almost every pen is made in such a way that it has a certain kind of person in mind. This is because the manufacturers understand that pens are not just writing tools but reflectors of personality as well. For example, if the person you are planning to gift is someone that is into gardening, a cross botanic would be the best pen for them. If they are crazy about DIY projects, then a monteverde tool pen would do them jest well.

They inspire writing and creativity

There is something about a fountain pen that once a person picks it up they are inspired to write. Maybe it’s the enhanced writing experience or even the feel of the pen. Giving this to them will always make them look forward to writing. Over time, experts have proven that writing is one of the greatest ways to release stress. So by giving them this chance you will be creating a more healthy life for them. It will also increase chances of you getting letters from them especially in instances where they live far away from you. Additionally, the best fountain pens can be used to create art.

As discussed, one of the greatest gifts you can ever give to a loved one is a fountain pen. They are easily available in stores or you could get them online too. Also they don’t come expensive, hence, you can get them even during the times when you feel you are financially strained. For more information, visit their website at: