How Blaze Pizza became the fastest-growing restaurant chain in history

In 4 years, Blaze Pizza has actually soared from 2 to 200 areas throughout The United States and Canada– making it the fastest-growing United States food chain ever, accordance with Blaze Pizza CEO Jim Mizes. He credits the quick casual chain’s surge to a dedication to “franchising done right.”

“Our company believes we’re on our way to [ending up being] a billion-dollar brand name. I’m delighted by that. I’m more thrilled by the reality that I think– 5 years out– we will have the ability to state that we re-wrote the book on franchisee relationships,” said Mizes.

Of the 201 Blaze Pizza dining establishments spread out throughout the United States and Canada, 196 shops are owned and run by franchisees, leaving just 2% for the business to run.

This isn’t really uncommon, however some brand names promote that they have a bulk of company-owned areas as proof of remarkable quality. MOD Pizza is another fast-growing, fast-casual pizza chain with over 200 places worldwide. Approximately three-quarters of its dining establishments are company-owned, which CEO Scott Svenson informed Service Expert permits the business to manage quality and requirements with relative ease.

Mizes declines the argument that company-owned operations transcend to franchisee-owned.

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Blaze Pizza wishes to open more than 100 dining establishments a year beginning in 2018. Melia Robinson/Business Expert

Blaze Pizza partners just with operators who have experience running dining establishments. They originate from the neighborhoods where Blaze is broadening, which Mizes stated offers those owners an included reward to develop tasks in their communities. “They understand their individuals,” Mizes stated.

“I think that’s a better structure than of rivals of ours like Mod, who is based in Seattle and who wishes to go open a dining establishment in Florida. It needs to train someone for 3 to 6 months, call them a district supervisor, and send them out to whatever part of the nation they wish to send them to, where the know nothing about that neighborhood,” Mizes stated.

In early July, Blaze Pizza included personal equity company Brentwood Associates to its Rolodex of financiers, that includes LeBron James and Panda Express creator Andrew Cherng. It offered a “substantial” stake at an assessment of more than $100 millon, Bloomberg reported.

The business prepares to open more than 100 dining establishments a year starting in 2018.